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Terry New
CFO / Director of MCA Hub
Seasoned in both accounting and serving Atlanta real estate companies, Terry New pairs her industry-specific insight with financial expertise so The Rawls Group and its agents can thrive.

Formerly the head of her own accounting firm, Terry was initially hired as a Market Center Administrator (MCA) for one market center in 2005. She now leads the entire MCA team and all related activities for The Rawls Group as CFO and Director of MCA Hub.

Terry has used her knowledge to refine and apply systems that are advantageous for our agents. Expedited financial processing is the norm for her team, resulting in fast, on-time payments for everyone involved in a transaction. However, speed never comes at the cost of accuracy. Well versed in techniques such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP Accounting), Terry ensures the rigor needed to maintain accurate and transparent financial records is always in check. She takes pride in the work ethic instilled in her through her upbringing and carrying out her role with the utmost professionalism. 

A mother of two, Terry’s greatest sense of accomplishment always comes from her children, Brian and Michael. She even has the pleasure of working alongside Michael, who’s also a valued member of The Rawls Group family. When she’s not with her sons or her husband, Allen, Terry enjoys recharging by reading and gardening.

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